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All the expertise you need to write clean, well-tested Android applications.

There are well over 2 million Android apps. If your app is going to make an impact, it’s going to have to be something very special. Your developers need to be pretty special too. You’re not only going to need just outstanding expertise and creativity, but also serious strategic direction combining robust code, slick design and superb user experience.

Aside from the level of experience and expertise that SUNA’s Android app development team offers, there another big difference between our approach and that of most other app devs around the world. It’s a marriage of design and seamless integration, in the front and back end.
Need an integrated, expert, in-person team? We’ve got a global staff of over 100 people, 13 years and 700 clients worth of experience, and are excited to partner with you!

Integrated: Android design, development, and back end all in one place

The design and development process for most apps can be a disjointed and discordant process. It usually begins with an individual or a small team designing the app. They will then pass off their work to another team to handle the functional front end development. And in entirely separate silo there is a third team, working on the back end – where all the data lives – who rarely see any designs or front end details at all. Most of the time, this arrangement works well enough, but rarely does it produce something great.

At SUNA, the end product is never just an app that works. It’s an app that works beautifully, one that users love to use. Our Android design experts are not just designers — they understand the Android ecosystem from front to back. Design, front end, and back end are developed together for the slickest end product.

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Local app developers, global expertise

SUNA has local Android developers in Boston, San Francisco, Austin, New York, and London. That means you can sit down with the people who are going to build and design your app, in person. Because we use a small number of world-class app developers rather than large numbers of production-line devs working on a single component, the teams are small enough that everyone involved in the project will know your market, your dreams, and the hurdles that need to be navigated.

The local development teams can also draw on the expertise of other SUNA offices around the world, both in the US and Europe, so if there is a rare skillset your app needs to really shine, we can lean on an expert consultant from another location

Why choose SUNA’s approach to Android?

Beautifully designed native feel

Android apps that have fluid, modern, responsive transitions.

RX / Reactive Java

On many projects, we prefer to bring functional and reactive programming to Java, which makes our codebases more stable and scalable.


Our use of Kotlin solves problems of Java versioning, and increases code expressiveness for the modern developer.

Test-driven development

Strong unit testing and test coverage. We use an MVP (Model, View, Presenter) approach which makes testing possible by separating app components.

Ecosystem perspective

We understand the whole app ecosystem from user research and market fit through to functional and design aesthetics. Throughout the app lifecycle, we’ve got you covered.

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. Chat with a designer or developer at our studios.

All the expertise you need to write clean, well-tested Android applications. Make something special!

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All the expertise you need to write clean, well-tested iOS applications that move up the app store charts.

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Our designers are researchers, art directors, user experience architects, and programmers. Whatever stage of design you need, we can help.

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We test products, not people. Running user research and usability tests early and often is critical to product success.

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