Why React Native Is the Cost-Effective Solution to App Development

When you need to develop an app, how do you decide which mobile operating systems you want to target? Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose between developing an app for iOS and focusing on the Android market. While Android has a larger market share than iOS, apps in Apple’s App Store typically generate more revenue than Android apps offered through Google Play.

Android or iOS: Why Not Both?

The good news is that you no longer have to choose between disappointing your Android users or iPhone-owning fans of your brand. Instead, you can use a development method that allows you to create apps for both platforms simultaneously. This method is called React Native development, and it’s becoming one of the hottest trends in modern app design. The best React Native developers are in high demand as businesses embrace this highly convenient method of cross-platform app development.

What Is React Native Development?

React Native development is a new way of building apps for Android and iOS devices. It’s a framework that allows app developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript that can run on both iOS and Android phones. Whereas traditionally iOS and Android developers have had to use completely different frameworks to build apps for each operating system, React Native provides a single code base that can be used to develop both versions of the app at once.

Benefits of React Native Development

There are many reasons for entrepreneurs to embrace React Native development. Using a single code base to develop apps for both platforms can be extremely cost-effective. Instead of having to hire an Android developer and an iOS developer, you can now work with a Los Angeles mobile app developer who can provide cheap React Native solutions that are suitable for both iOS and Android devices.

Keeping Customers Happy

The other big advantage of React Native is that it can speed up the rollout of your iOS and Android apps. In the past, many companies focused their initial app creation efforts on either iOS or Android, leaving users of the other operating system waiting for an app they could use. The users who were left hanging often found the delay frustrating and unfair, which could damage their perception of the brand. When you use React Native to develop your iOS and Android apps, you can launch apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play at the same time, providing satisfaction to your entire user base.

Easy Maintenance

When you use React Native to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android, you can ensure that both apps have a similar look and feel. On the other hand, if you hired separate iOS and Android developers to work on your apps, you could end up with two products that are very different, which can be confusing for users who use both apps and make maintenance very difficult. Updating apps built using React Native is quick and easy: you can even update over the air without having to push the new app version to the app store.

How to Get Started With React Native

An increasing number of app development agencies are embracing React Native. If you want to develop an app to represent your brand to mobile users, your first step should be to get in contact with a React Native developer. App developers can work with you to find out what you want your app to do, how you would like it to look, and what problems it should solve for your user base. Using this information, React Native app developers can come up with an app that satisfies the needs of all your users, no matter whether they use Android or iOS devices to interact with your brand.