Millennials who have the iPhone, no doubt, already know that the phone can do a lot more than just make calls and send text messages. In fact, the iPhone is a lot more powerful than most people even realize. Let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone tricks and tips for millennials.

1. Peek and Pop Functionality

Did you know that iPhones can give you a “sneak peek” as to what you’ll see on a webpage? This is what’s called “peek and pop functionality,” and it allows you to get a quick preview of what you can expect on the page. Just depress the link and hold it down, then swipe your finger up to see the array of options.

2. Skip to App

Don’t you hate it when you’re bombarded with a wide variety of apps when you’re just looking for one particular app — and you just want to do “one thing” and keep it moving? The iPhone has you covered! Just find one of your favorite apps (let’s say Twitter, for instance), then press down hard on the icon. You’ll get a wide array of options available within that app. For example, if you’re holding down the Twitter icon, you’ll get the option to tweet, for instance, or to send a DM to one of your followers. (Note that this doesn’t work on all apps.)

3. Playing Videos in the Background

In the past, whenever you would play a video on an iPhone, but something else came up (say, for instance, the phone rang), you would lose the video. Today, however, the iPhone comes with the functionality of playing the video you were watching in the background. The trick to this, however, is not to open the video in the YouTube app — rather, go to YouTube in your browser, then pick a video that you want to watch. Once it’s playing, depress the home button, and the video will continue to play as you handle the rest of your business.

What are some of your favorite iPhone tips and tricks? Let us know below!