We are a Los Angeles-based mobile app developer with a passion for designing and developing creative solutions that serve your individual business.

At Suna Technologies, our priority is delivering a customized app to serve and grow your business. Our teams are carefully selected to focus solely on the needs of your project, giving you and your vision the attention and dedication you deserve.

1. Branding and User Interface Design

Our apps are all built using a responsive design approach, which allows flawless access from mobile browsers, tablet applications, and desktop computers. Performance is flawless no matter the device, which makes your brand stand out as user-friendly and reliable.

2. Mobile Development

It’s rare to find someone without a smartphone these days, which means mobile development and accessibility is crucial. Our designers and engineers have been building for mobile devices since the beginning, which means they’ve lived through the trends and understand what to look for next. We follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, as well as Google’s Material design, meaning your product will be shaped with iOS, Android and the mobile web in mind.

3. React Native

We have some of the best React Native developers in the business. Your app will be built for both iOS and Android at the same time, resulting in a beautiful deliverable product sooner. Our products are indistinguishable from those built with Objective-C or Java, but React Native provides a cheaper, affordable, quality solution. In addition to saving you time, feature parity is maintained across platforms, providing an easy, intuitive and seamless user experience.

4. Web Development

A solid website is critical for any business, and with every design, we’re sure to keep both desktop and mobile users central to the design process. No matter the screen size of the device, user interfaces will be intuitive and responsive. Along every step of the development process from concept to implementation, our designers ensure that the final product is delivered according to the original intention — no matter the method.

5. Product Growth

A fantastic product can still fail without gaining the proper traction, but with over 300 combined years of experience, you’re in safe hands.

Through analytics techniques, we collect information on both user behavior and application performance so that we can identify trends, increase performance and provide solid data to help you help your users.

With use of our acquisition funnels, we can help identify where your users are coming from. This allows us to focus on those specific areas and optimize these funnels to grow your business.

We’ve grown ground-zero startup businesses into having millions of daily active users. Let us help you grow yours.